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Gustav Magenwirth GmbH & Co. KG, the company founded by Gustav Magenwirth in 1893 and known under the MAGURA brand, is now a premium supplier of components for the motorbike and bicycle market. As an internationally active company, MAGURA relies on a global network of suppliers. That is why we are constantly searching for efficient suppliers for a long-term and successful collaboration. MAGURA is a certified company, which is why suppliers are audited and inspected in accordance with ISO standards and the company’s own quality guidelines. The approval of the suppliers takes place according to a process specified by MAGURA. Further detailed information about the requirements for suppliers is described in the supplier guideline. If you are interested in a collaboration and fulfil these requirements, we look forward to your application as a supplier with MAGURA.

The supplier approval process shows the individual steps for approval as a supplier at MAGURA.

1. Supplier application
The potential supplier fills out the brief supplier information form and submits it as a supplier application by e-mail.

2. Information supplier
Prior to starting a collaboration, the supplier is sent a non-disclosure agreement and the terms and conditions of purchase. The supplier is only requested to submit an offer after signing. Furthermore, proof is requested of an existing ISO quality management system. In most cases, a supplier visit is also required.

3. Trial supplier
The trial supplier is in the set-up phase. Prior to placing a trial order, it is necessary to sign a supply contract and its appendices. A final supplier approval is given after the evaluation of the trial orders or the initial sampling inspection results, in collaboration with the Quality Management department.

4. Supplier
After successfully approved trial deliveries, a supplier is approved for additional deliveries, with the objective of a classification as a development supplier.

5. Development supplier
The development supplier has particularly positive values in relation to the criteria in the supplier evaluation and lends itself as a potential development partner. As a result of this, the supplier is given preference in a decision about a contract award.

You can find detailed information in our Supplier guideline in the download area, see below.


We expect the following from our suppliers:

  • “zero-error target” as a core concept, based on a certified quality management system
  • competitive services at customary industry prices
  • global market orientation and the ability to supply international MAGURA locations
  • pronounced development and innovation expertise
  • high delivery flexibility and adherence to delivery dates
  • willingness to enter into a long-term and intensive collaboration
  • continuous reliability in the delivery of the quality, delivery reliability and flexibility required by us
  • continuous, own improvement programmes and constant process analysis to increase productivity

You can find detailed information in our Supplier guideline in the download area, see below.

Our contact address: confirmation@magura.de


Supplier requirements

You can find detailed information in our supplier guideline (HYPERLINK) in the download area, see below.

  • At MAGURA, purchasing is organised into material groups, which are sub-divided into main groups and sub-groups. The respective sub-groups are allocated to various buyers.

We look forward to getting to know you as a supplier

Do you want to become a supplier at MAGURA? To establish initial contact, we request that you send your application using the brief supplier information form (see download area) to our contact address: confirmation@magura.de

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